Well hello fellow bloggers!  I just want to inform you that my blog is both personal and for school.  I thought about creating another blog to use separately but then I figured I’d give attention to one more than the other.  So if you read my blog and notice that some of them have certain subjects and others are just random, you know the reason.  I’ve actually become more familiar with the whole blogging thing and it’s actually quite fun!  It’s a lot of freedom that I really really enjoy having.  I’m one of those writers who just likes to write for the heck of it.  If I don’t have any instruction on what to do or any boundaries, I can usually write a pretty good story or paper.  Now if I have to write a paper for a class, that’s a whole other story!  Why is that?  Shouldn’t it be the same for both?  Most of the papers I write in school are not fiction or free writes and that can get me into trouble if I’m not careful.  I have to do a lot of research papers and essays for my classes but I just can’t stand them!  They are probably the most boring and unsatisfying pieces of work that I do, and I do a lot of them!  It’s ironic though because my major is secondary English language arts.  I don’t get it myself.  I just want to know why it’s like this.  What could I do to change this, if there is anything at all!?  I want to enjoy writing fiction and writing research papers and essays!  HELP!


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  1. I wonder if the problem is one of voice. In your school papers, maybe you’re reaching for a voice that isn’t your own writing voice, doesn’t feel comfortable, doesn’t feel right. The key is to find a way to write comfortably in your voice but organize and structure papers more formally to meet the needs of your audience (your college professors). For me, I’ve had to develop a process for writing that allows me to do A LOT of freewriting as I’m writing and then I take bits and pieces of the freewriting to weave together into a more formal paper. It takes me a lot longer to write formal papers, so I do need to budget more time.

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