Gratitude and Happiness


Finals are coming up and every student on campus is about to hit their maximum stress level.  I know I am one of them along with many of my friends and classmates.  The one thing about finals is you get care packages from your families and there’s always some sort of positive reinforcement for finals week.  I got one from my parents and they wished me luck and to stay calm and relaxed for my tests.  It’s always nice to know that I have the family I do and that they care about me enough to send me a simple letter saying good luck during finals.  Some kids don’t have that support which could really lower their self-esteem and possibly affect their education.  Having support from people who care about you can really affect your overall happiness.  I know it makes me happier knowing that I have family and friends that will always have my back.  I feel lucky to be in the place I am and have the love from my family.  There’s too much crap that goes on in this world so you need some sort of support.  Even if it’s from a random stranger, take it as an opportunity to stay positive and look forward to tomorrow.

I learned a lot about gratitude from my happiness class and that without it, we would be unhappy.  Being grateful is the one thing in your life that can change your mood from bad to good.  This semester I made a list of all the things I’m grateful for.  My number one was my one and only God and then my family and so on.  After I got through writing everything down, I looked it over and realized I’m one lucky girl to have as much as I do.  Most people wouldn’t know about half the things on my list because they have never experienced them.  It’s kind of sad in a way because when you realize that, it makes your heart very heavy.  I’ve learned to tell everyone I care about how grateful I am to have them in my life and how happy they make me.  Being grateful can make your life that much happier and my advice to anyone who reads this, make your own gratitude list and thank the people in your life for always being there for you. 


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