Take that first step to going absolutely crazy! You’ll thank me later…

ImageHave you ever been driving along and all of a sudden your favorite song comes on the radio?  That happened to me today and I blasted the volume and started jamming out.  Not a care in the world for those three minutes of pure awesomeness, I was having a great time.  I didn’t care what people thought when they drove by because I was enjoying myself way too much!  Living a happy life is jamming out to your favorite tune and not giving two thoughts to what people think.  You have to enjoy life in every minute of every day.  Life is too short to be anything but happy.  So let your hair down, kick off your shoes, jump into the pond of happiness and swim your way to the happiest part of life.

There’s simple things that you can do to be a happier person.  Like I said above, jam out to music in your car or take a leap of faith and do something spontaneous.  Take on Buddhism, climb Mount Everest, eat liver( not sure how happy that would make you though), adopt an animal, go on the tallest roller coaster and try not to throw up.  I guess what I’m saying is to be truly happy, you need to be ready for anything.  You need to be courageous, silly, hopeful and your self.  I know that if I want to be happier, I need to live a little and go out and explore the world.  I need to take chances and have fun doing it.  You can always learn from mistakes but if you don’t make the mistake first, how will you ever know? I’m making a bucket list and I promise myself that I will do every single thing on there before I die.  Even making the list is making me happier.  So make your own list and go crazy.  You never know what may come out of it. 

“Live your life crazy and love every second of it” 


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