Happiest Holiday?? Christmas….DUH!!

I would have to say the holiday that makes me the happiest is Christmas.  I’ve always enjoyed it because it’s the season of giving and, to me, everyone just seems happier and jolly.  The smell of cookies in the oven, decorating a big, fat Christmas tree while listening to Jingle Bell Rock, and watching the Christmas Story with my family is what makes the holidays a joyous time at the Korell household.  We always have some sort of decorations in each room just to make it even more special.  You could say that our house is usually the most festive around that time of the year.

We usually open presents on Christmas Eve at our house with just immediate family.  Christmas morning, however, we go into my grandparents house and open more gifts there.  My dad has only one brother so there’s not too many people there but even with a small group, we always have a blast.  There’s six of us grandkids and then my mom and dad and then my aunt and uncle.  We all get around the big dinner table and have a huge feast full of ham, because none of us can stand turkey, cheesy potatoes, cheese and broccoli casserole, rolls, pumpkin pie and cherry cheesecake pie.  We have the same thing for dinner every year just because it’s a tradition and it’s also really good food.  We also have another family tradition that we will never break: Catch phrase!  It’s a game we started playing a while ago and just kept it in the lineup.  We usually split the teams up evenly and it can get pretty crazy.  There’s yelling, laughter, tears from all of the laughing, some fights but at the end, we all love each other. 

Christmas time for the Korells is something that can never be taken away from us.  No matter where we celebrate and no matter what situation we may be in, we’re all happy as long as we have each other.  We’ve made so many memories and traditions over the years that we will keep them going for many more years to come.  I don’t know what I would do without my family so every year when Christmas rolls around, I thank God for what he has given me.  Nothing in the world can beat Christmas time at the Korells.  There have been too many laughs, smiles, tears, hugs, fights, memories and love to not enjoy what God has blessed us with.  That’s why Christmas is my favorite holiday. 

“Family…where life begins and love never ends.”


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