The Ultimate Life

The Ultimate Life is the sequel to the movie The Ultimate Gift.  I’ve seen both and they both represent gratitude in a number of ways.  Personally I loved the movie.  I love them both.  It tells the audience how the smallest thing can change our level of gratitude and what we can do to change how we see things.  Having gratitude in our lives is essential to the growth of our selves.  This movie shows just how to do that.  I would recommend watching these two movies because not only do they show how to reach gratitude, but they are family friendly.

The part I liked in this movie is when Red Stevens gives one of his kidneys to his friend.  His friend was in an accident and needed a new kidney to survive.  Because Red was so close to him, he knew for his friend to survive he needed to do this one thing.  The gift of giving.  This one action started a chain of events that defined gratitude.  Red seemed to change after he gave his kidney away and then began doing different things like setting up foundations for different things.  At the end of the movie, he and his wife tried to get their kids to start being a little more grateful so they gave them each $10,000 and told them that it’s theirs to do with what they please.  Three of the four kids took the money without any second thoughts but one of them gave it back to Red and told him to put it in the foundation.  Red realized he did something right and knew that gratitude was wearing off. 

We all need gratitude in our lives and this movie along with The Ultimate Gift can really change how we see gratitude and make us realize we take a lot for granted.  I urge anybody who reads this to watch both.  They are incredible movies and can change someone’s life.Image


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