“Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.”- Gladys Browyn Stern

How many times a day do you say thank you?  When someone holds a door open or just saying thank you to someone for them being there for you.  How many things do we take for granted?  With our lives being so busy sometimes we forget to stop and simply say thank you.  Whether its to someone’s face or just silently in your head, we need to show a little gratitude and remember how lucky we all are. 

We read an article in class that had some ways gratitude can make us happy.  The first one was that it reminds us of the positive things in life.  Showing gratitude can make us see all of the things that are good in our life.  Without gratitude, we would have nothing.  Another one was that it can turn the bad things into good things.  If you think your job sucks well just be grateful you have a job.  Having gratitude in your life can make a world of difference and bring you happiness.

Showing gratitude can be as simple as calling someone who you don’t normally talk to and just saying thank you to them can make them and yourself that much happier.  You could even learn a prayer of gratitude and say that to yourself every night or every morning.  I know I try to pray to God at least once a day and thank him for everything he has blessed me with and that I wake up every day and live my life.  I know it makes me happy and more at peace with myself.  Without it, I think I would be bitter and miserable to be around.  The simplest form of gratitude can make anyone happy.  It’s a matter of swallowing your pride and saying thank you. 


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