My self-efficacy story…

My whole high school athletic career, I’ve been in love with track and field.  I played volleyball and basketball but track was my life.  My love for the sport began in elementary with the field days that we used to have.  After that, my family and I were hooked.  My story begins with my freshmen year of high school and the injury I thought would ruin my running life.

Freshmen track season began like any other.  I did the long jump, the 100 and the 4×1.  It wasn’t until the very first meet that I thought I would be injured.  I was long jumping when I landed on my left ankle wrong and I broke it in two different spots.  Immediately, all I could think about was how I wouldn’t be able to do track anymore.  I was pretty upset when the doctor told me I was done for the season.  As soon as I saw my foot in that cast, I knew nothing was going to be the same.  I knew that if I wanted to follow my dreams and make it to state track the next year, I would have to work twice as hard than normal.  So after six months of rehab and getting back into shape, I got back into the swing of things.  My coach had me working hard at practice everyday and he finally just put me in running events instead of jumping.  With all my hard work, I made it to state track that year and the two years after that.  My senior year, I made it in all four of my events which is a huge accomplishment.  And I don’t think I would’ve gotten anywhere if I had not have worked my butt off after my accident.  It really put things in perspective for me.

My self-efficacy at the beginning of my freshmen year was very low due to my accident.  I didn’t think I would’ve been able to make it very far after that.  But because my family and coaches kept pushing me to better myself from it, I rose above it and went on to further my dream of making it to state track.  After that, my self-efficacy was at an all-time high.  Every year after that I just remembered how I felt my freshmen year and I just kept pushing myself to be better.  Image


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