Texting v. Face-to-Face


I’ll be honest and say I’m addicted to my phone and I have it with me almost all the time.  No I’m not proud of how crazy I am about it but I can’t really imagine any of us are proud.  In today’s society, everyone has become so addicted to their devices that we have relationships with them rather than real people.  Ten years ago, no one would’ve thought that half of the things we use our devices for, would have even been possible.  So many of us today use our phones, Ipads, computers and even television to communicate with other people.  It’s very rare that you will see two people actually having a face-to-face conversation.  It’s a sad thing too because the generations to follow ours, won’t have the slightest clue on how to carry a conversation.

Texting has its advantages and disadvantages.  Yes, its easier to text someone rather than call them up or go see them in person.  But we hide our true selves and feelings behind that one little device.  No one can tell someone’s feelings just by looking at a text.  The whole texting world is monotone and that’s how our society is growing.  Texting is taking away from our abilities to be human and actually relate to people on a certain level.  I know that when I’m on my phone and someone else is in the room with me and they’re talking, I don’t give them my full attention.  That’s what they’re looking for and I’m so caught up on what is happening on facebook or instagram.  I feel the same way when I’m trying to talk to someone and they look at me every once in a while but I don’t have their attention.  It’s a constant battle with people everywhere.  We all want the attention but yet we can’t give it ourselves because of the relationship we have with our devices. 

In class today, we made an assignment to write a letter to someone who you have been desperate to talk to.  Back when there was never the idea of the cell phone, people would either go see the person or write them a letter.  Writing a letter to someone lets them know you actually took the time to sit down and write a nice letter. And it’s just as nice as receiving one.  It lets you know that even though you may not talk to that person a whole lot, they were obviously thinking about you enough to write you a letter.  But with the changing technology nowadays, that just doesn’t seem to happen as often as it used to.  In my own opinion, writing a letter is a lot more thoughtful and meaningful than a text.  A simple text is so common that talking to someone in that way is nothing more than using your thumbs to speak instead of your mouth. 

As this generation gets older, we have to teach the ones below us to actually carry on a face-to-face conversation.  It seems crazy and absurd that you might have to teach someone to talk to someone else, but if we don’t this society will fall apart at the seams.  We have to remember the good that came with talking to someone’s face and not a screen.  If we do, we will see a dramatic change in countries all around the world and we be what we once were.


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