Exercising: Happier

So class today was actually pretty fun!  Since we’re talking about exercising and happiness, the whole class had to get up and do a little dancing to stretch our muscles.  It was interesting because we had very little room and the moves were very big.  It was so fun seeing everyone moving and just enjoying the time we had.  It sure made class a lot more interesting and entertaining.  Then we all went outside and did the limbo.  Most of my class is short and the majority of us are girls.  It was easy at first and then it really got hard.  Of course I got out rather early but it was fun to watch everyone go through and then fall.  It was especially fun to watch the guys do it because every time it got lower they actually made it through.  After we finally got to the end, the teachers asked how many of us were happier after being outside and exercising.  The majority of us raised our hands.  Its true: if you exercise, you will be happier.

Exercising releases stress you may have and if you’re not stressing about anything, it’s just good to workout and be healthy.  Getting out at least 30 minutes a day can really help with someone’s stress level and lifestyle.  Even just walking around town or campus is better than just sitting around watching t.v.  So if you’re looking for a way to be happier and possibly lower your stress levels just get out and exercise.  I promise that it’s worth it!


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