So, for class tonight we got to watch one of my all time favorite movies, Grease! I don’t know how many times I’ve seen that movie but I’m pretty sure if I can quote the whole thing then I’ve seen it too many times.  Our discussion tonight was on relationships and some of the tips to a healthy relationship or a signs of a non-healthy relationship.  We talked about the relationships in the movie and how some of the characters changed to make the one person they like, like them.  I want to talk about the movie involving relationships and why you shouldn’t change who you are just for someone else.

There are lots of relationships in the movie, friendly relationships and intimate relationships.  In the beginning, Danny and Sandy are completely in love and they are being their true selves.  When Danny is around his friends though, he acts like a completely different person and Sandy doesn’t know what he is trying to do.  Because of Danny’s actions, Sandy gets hurt and moves on to another guy but she still has feelings for Danny.  Their relationship goes back and forth from being on and off but by the end of the movie Sandy changes her look completely to get Danny’s attention.  To everyone’s surprise, Danny becomes a jock and kind of grows out of his teenage stage.  You can tell by the end that Sandy and Danny are just happy because they are together.

In my past experiences, changing who you are for someone who doesn’t appreciate you for you is the dumbest thing anyone could do.  You could lose sight of who you really are and possibly even get hurt.  I regret the whole relationship just because that happened.  I’ve learned that if someone isn’t happy with who I am then they don’t deserve to be in my life.  Nobody should change who they are for someone because they were made that way for a reason.  They need to find someone who will appreciate them and love them exactly the way they are.  It just takes time.  


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