“Feel your breath”

Today in class we talked about meditation and how it can help relieve stress and bring happiness.  I’ve never meditated and never really thought about it bringing happiness into my life.  As an assignment, we are supposed to meditate for two minutes and basically see if it works. 

I’ve never really given much thought on meditation or how it works.  I know it can relieve stress but I didn’t know it could bring you happiness.  I guess being stress-free is a happy feeling so it makes some sense.  In the video we watched today, Sharon Salzberg said we all tell stories, stories we tell ourselves.  Like if we are happy, sad, brave, courageous, a winner, a loser and the list goes on.  We are continually distracted by these stories which leads to us tuning people out and not seeing our loved ones like we should.  Through meditation though, the brain becomes more aware of our surroundings.  We can see things in a clear way and make sense of things we couldn’t before.  Meditation is practiced all over the world today and it has some amazing benefits.  Not only can it relieve stress and bring happiness but it also makes our brains change and grow, metaphorically speaking.  It can slow the aging process of the brain, it can improve memory and help your immune system become stronger.  Studies show it’s just as effective as exercise.  Considering I like to exercise, maybe I should take up meditation. 

After the video we discussed why it’s so hard to “feel your breath”.  Our minds are constantly going all day long and we get distracted easily.  We, as humans, think we can do everything all at once so when we do try and relax, we can’t because we feel the need to always do something.  One of my classmates said the brain is like an engine and it’s never ending.  It’s true because our brains are constantly on the go.  We have busy brains and busy lives so it’s a little hard for us to focus like we should.  But meditation can help with that.  Sharon said meditation is the perfect mobile device.  You can do it anywhere and at anytime without people knowing what you’re doing.  After today, I think I’ll give meditation a try and see if it really does bring me happiness.



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