Aristotle: Friendship

“Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies” -Aristotle.

Going off of our discussion in class about friendship and Aristotle’s view on it, I would like to put forth my own view on it.  Aristotle says that friendship is the most necessary to live a happy life.  I would agree with that all the way.  Taking it from someone with experience, it’s not fun no having friends.  You truly do feel sad and alone without people to talk to and interact with.  You need friends to survive and live a happy life.

A friendship really is like one soul dwelling in two bodies.  Your friend is like a clone of you.  Because you two are so close you probably have a lot of things in common to bring you two together.  I know from personal experience that I look for friends with the same interests that I have.  Without the same interests, I honestly can’t stand the person and I know that our differences will just get in the way.  So I try to avoid becoming friends with people who are not interested in the same things as I am.  Because I know if I get annoyed enough, I will do something I will regret.  That in itself will cause us to hate each other and lose something anyway.

Friendship is a necessity and it’s a way to live a happier and longer life.  Everyone needs a friend!    


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