My evaluation of my own life..

Since we are talking about “Subjective well-being” in class lately, I thought I would evaluate my own life.  Just touching the surface of my life I would say I’m pretty happy.  But then again, most people would say that if they knew me.  Since we’ve talked about this in class, I’ve really focused on my life and what goes on in it.  From what I can tell, I’m happy but not as happy as I think I should be. I’m young, healthy and very fortunate to be going to college to further my education. There are some things though that I can see are making me unhappy. They might be small things like homework, bad weather, friend issues or that I miss my family. Now I know I can change those things with the actions I do, but I’ve realized that I get so unhappy by the smallest things. I shouldn’t be that way but I am. I just know I’m not letting myself be happy 100%. No one is happy all the time but I know I can be happier if I just change a few things in my life.

After I evaluated myself, I sat down and wrote out all of the things I can change in my life to maybe make my life a little easier. I told myself that I won’t let things get to me and make me a debbie-downer. If something is small then I will push it to the side and focus on the bigger picture. I can tell when my attitude changes because of something that happened and I will not let that happen anymore. I’m going to change my ways because I want to be a happier and more productive person.

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