WOW! That was an interesting film. It was very different and it kind of made me think about what my happiness entails. Amelie’s happiness appeared to show up in different parts of the movie. At the beginning, for example, the narrarator told the audience what Amelie liked and disliked. One of my favorite parts was when she said she like noticing the small details in old films. Sometimes I catch myself noticing the smallest things and end up with a smile on my face. 

Everyone’s happiness is different. We all like different things and those things might make us do crazy actions that lead into even crazier actions. But who knows, you might end up meeting your true love out of all of it just like Amelie did. The film is kind of inspirational in a way. Amelie followed her instincts, helped those who were in need and found the guy of her dreams. I would love to be brave enough to do that.


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