Exercising: Can it really make a difference in your happiness? YES!

UPDATE: So for my 21 days habit I chose exercising. I cannot believe the difference exercising makes on my moods. I can tell I’m happier and my friends can even tell a difference in my attitude. It seems exercising has changed my whole life style. I go to bed earlier and and I’m eating healthier. It’s safe to say that my new habit is changing my life for the better. This is definitely something I’ll continue to do even after the assignment is over.

Since my friends have seen a change in me, physically and mentally, they’ve decided to join me. They are more interested in the physical goal of exercising rather than the mental goal, but that’s okay with me. Atleast I’ll have people to workout with now. I hope they see a difference in their happiness and attitudes as well. It just makes you feel so much better and you’re more pleasant to be around. I read an article on SELF that exercising for only twenty minutes can relieve stress and increase your overall happiness. I can definitely be a witness for this! I hope people who read this will experience the same as I have!

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